“Committed to helping”
Implenia collected more than CHF 120,000 for 30 social institutions as part of its tenth anniversary celebrations. The Rosinchen crèche in Wiesbaden received a financial contribution as well as a new wooden play house, built by a team of Implenia apprentices.



Corporate Center

Central services for the entire Implenia Group are provided by the Corporate Center, which focuses firmly on the needs of operational units. The Corporate Center contributes to value creation at Implenia through efficient processes and technical expertise, and by defining common standards.

“Committed to helping”
Implenia collected more than CHF 120,000 for 30 social institutions as part of its tenth anniversary celebrations. The Rosinchen crèche in Wiesbaden received a financial contribution as well as a new wooden play house, built by a team of Implenia apprentices.


Implenia brings the following central departments together within the Corporate Center: Corporate Controlling, Corporate Reporting & Tax, Procurement, Legal, Marketing/Communications, Insurances, Treasury & Investor Relations and Business Development. All these departments are actively involved in implementing corporate strategy. They provide services to support Implenia’s operational Business Units, always striving for effectiveness, efficiency and high quality.

Highlights of 2016

Strengthening the “One Company” strategy at all levels

The Corporate Center continued to reinforce cooperation within the company and between different business units. New “One Company” projects were given systematic support and advice by the central Controlling department. The Procurement department oversaw a further concentration of purchasing power and helped forge closer organisational links between the Construction and General Contracting businesses. This will ensure that synergies are exploited more effectively in future. Celebrations to mark Implenia’s tenth anniversary also helped to reinforce the “One Company” philosophy. A group-wide initiative orchestrated by Marketing/Communications saw more than half the entire Implenia workforce get involved with social projects in their respective regions. Over 120,000 francs was raised for more than 30 social institutions in all of Implenia’s home markets, while the corporate culture was strengthened across all departments and regions. There was also a focus on completing the long-term integration projects planned following the acquisition of Bilfinger Construction, particularly around the internet and intranet. Now this work has been finished successfully, the Corporate Center can ensure a uniform brand presence.

Process and service optimisations

Another central task during the year under review was to expand existing processes and services, in part by integrating central service functions into the Implenia Management System (IMS) 2.0, and by revising the Internal Control System (ICS). This integration and improvement of processes allowed Procurement to improve data quality in supplier management and exploit synergies through a further harmonisation of regional purchasing services. Corporate Controlling’s involvement in IMS 2.0 meant that projects could be supported more closely and managed more effectively, thus making them more efficient and impactful.

Corporate Center organisation

Funding base expanded

In March 2016, Implenia successfully placed a new 10-year bond worth CHF 125 million. Some of the proceeds from the issue were used to refinance the CHF 200 million bond – Implenia first – that was issued in 2010. Another highlight of 2016 for the Treasury & Investor Relations department was the acquisition of Bilfinger Hochbau at the end of the year.

Code of Conduct

In 2016 the Corporate Center, led by the Legal department, continued to refine the process for raising awareness of, and ensuring compliance with, the company’s ”Code of Conduct”. The e-learning tool introduced in 2015 as an integral component of Implenia’s induction programme, was translated into all home market national languages in order to facilitate greater penetration throughout the organisation. The Code of Conduct remains one of the most important tools for preventing corruption, adhering to anti-trust law and ensuring data protection within the Group.

Challenges in 2017


The acquisition of Bilfinger Hochbau will influence many of the Corporate Center’s activities in 2017. Since practically no head office functions were taken over from Bilfinger, the relevant services have to be provided by the existing units. Legal, Treasury & Investor Relations, Controlling, Insurances and Marketing/Communications will work with IT and HR to expedite the smooth integration of Bilfinger Hochbau into the existing organisational structure. Increasing internationalisation means that central services need to be provided in home markets outside Switzerland too. All integration activities are being coordinated and supported by the Business Development department.

The Corporate Center is introducing SAP’s Material Management module in 2017. By carefully planning and controlling material flows and regularly ascertaining and meeting demands, the Group will be able to concentrate materials planning more effectively on market requirements. The Corporate Center is also focusing on liquidity management and improving net working capital.


Bilfinger Construction’s IT systems were integrated in 2016. At the same time, Group IT improved the efficacy of strategic core applications in several projects, thus creating an important foundation for Group-wide consolidation. Several more major projects crucial to the Group’s ongoing evolution are scheduled for 2017, including developing the technical capacity needed for digitalisation, and the integration of Bilfinger Hochbau’s IT systems.