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Over time, Implenia is aiming for a payout ratio of 50%.

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The first ever bond issued by Implenia, worth CHF 200 million and with a coupon of 3.125%, fell due on 12 May 2016. On 21 March 2016 a CHF 125 million bond with annual interest rate of 1.000% and a term of ten years was issued to partially refinance the first bond, but also to diversify maturities and increase Implenia’s financial strength.

Implenia Ltd, issued the following CHF bonds and listed them on the SIX Swiss Exchange:

  • CHF 125 million, paid up on 15 October 2014, coupon (cash-effective) 1.625%, term 2014–2024, issue price 101.063%, ISIN CH025 359 2767, effective interest rate 1.624%
  • CHF 125 million, paid up on 21 March 2016, coupon (cash-effective) 1.000%, term 2016–2026, issue price 100.739%, ISIN CH031 699 4661, effective interest rate 0.964%
  • CHF 175 million paid up on 30 June 2015, subordinated convertible bond, coupon (cash-effective) 0.500%, term 2015–2022, issue price 100.000%, ISIN CH028 550 9359, conversion premium 32.5%, conversion price CHF 75.06, effective interest rate 2.158%

The conversion price is CHF 75.06 and the bond is convertible into 2.33 million registered shares of Implenia Ltd., equivalent to 12.6 percent of currently outstanding shares. The shares to be delivered as a result of conversion will be made available by providing new shares from conditional capital. The conversion price can change if circumstances change (see convertible bond prospectus of 23 June 2015).

All credit ratings were confirmed again last year. The credit research department at Credit Suisse gives Implenia a “Mid BBB / stable” rating, while UBS and the ZKB give it “BBB / stable”.

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