A clear vision for success

Implenia’s outstanding achievements are built on a clearly focused vision and strategy, and on a set of values that bind every one of the Company’s employees together. Its integrated business model allows Implenia to provide all the services required along the whole construction value chain.


What we want

The construction industry is going through a time of transformation. Like many other parts of the economy, it is being profoundly altered by digitalisation, which is changing the operating environment, but also the needs of our stakeholders. In this context, Implenia’s clear vision provides the framework for its long-term growth. With innovative solutions and a genuine passion for construction, the Group is helping to design and build the Switzerland and Europe of tomorrow.

Built on shared values

Implenia’s vision will only be fulfilled if all its employees are pulling in the same direction, and they can only do this if their thoughts and actions are informed by a common set of values. Implenia has, therefore, formulated a set of principles for itself and its workforce that permeate the corporate culture and that are actively and consistently applied every single day, right across the Group. This is the foundation of our success.



Strategy looks to the future

Implenia aims to create sustainable value. To do this, the Group follows a clear strategy focused on the following priorities:

  • Integrated solutions thanks to a “One Company” approach
    As “One Company”, Implenia always emphasises collaboration across its different units. The services offered by the Group range from development to general contracting to project execution. By combining these capabilities, Implenia unleashes synergies and facilitates tailored solutions that benefit customers.

  • Consistently focused on customer and market needs
    Implenia wants its customers to see it as the preferred partner for all construction projects. The Group and its experts focus on its customers’ needs and create added value for them. In this way, Implenia can grow together with its customers and strengthen its position in key markets.

  • Preferred partner for employees
    Implenia’s success is its employees’ success. They are the ones that take the company forward. Without them, there would be a standstill. This is why their well-being and development are very important to the company. Implenia offers its people opportunities and interesting jobs that enable them to keep growing and fulfil their potential.

  • Sustainable
    Implenia is aware of its responsibility towards the natural world and society, and it takes this responsibility very seriously. Developing sustainable solutions is therefore an integral part of its strategy. For detailed information on Implenia’s comprehensive commitment to sustainability, please see the “Sustainability” chapter (from page 108), or the 2014/2015 Sustainability Report 2014/2015, published in autumn 2016.

  • Operational excellence in construction
    Implenia is committed to construction and strives for operational excellence along the whole value chain. The Group makes targeted investments in developing lean processes, in IT that supports its work, and in innovation. These themes will become even more significant in the years to come as digitalisation becomes more and more widespread, which is why we have dedicated the reportage section of this Annual Report to the subject of digitalisation – see from page 64. (Further examples can be found in the “Technical Center” chapter from page 82).

  • Strong financial performance
    This strategy enables Implenia to achieve an impressive long-term financial performance. The Group exploits its full potential, using synergies created by cross-disciplinary collaboration and by the consolidation of central functions in the Corporate Center, IT and Technical Center. Last but not least, Implenia’s financial success is also a result of strict cost control.

Added value for our customers

  • Optimising the value of existing and new real estate projects and portfolios
  • Customised solutions that focus consistently on our customers’ requirements
  • Reduced number of interfaces

Broad-based structure

Implenia’s organisational structure is based on operational and functional units. The operational units focus on their respective core competencies, but work hand in hand with each other within the “One Company” model. They are assisted by the Technical Center, IT, Human Resources and the centralised Group functions provided by the Corporate Center.

  • Operational units
    Implenia’s core business is handled in the operational units: Modernisation & Development, Buildings, Infrastructure, Construction German-speaking Switzerland, Construction French-speaking Switzerland, Germany & Austria, Norway and Sweden. You can find more information from page 40 onwards.

  • Corporate Center
    The operational areas are supported by the central services gathered in the Corporate Center. These include Corporate Controlling, Business Development, Treasury & Investor Relations, Corporate Reporting & Tax, Legal, Marketing / Communications, Insurances and Procurement. For more information, see the “Corporate Center” chapter starting on page 77.

  • Technical Center
    The Technical Center is Implenia’s “technical conscience”. It covers four areas: HSE & Sustainability, Operational Excellence, Technical Risk Management, and Equipment & Technology Services. The Technical Center brings together specific technologies such as Machinery & Electrical or Formwork, as well as optimising processes, developing innovations and driving sustainability. It obviously works very closely with the operational units. For more information, see the “Technical Center” chapter starting on page 82.